Ducks Unlimited & Conservation Stamp Artist

Mike Brown

“Any portrait of nature’s beauty is humbling in regards to the awe-inspiring creations by Mother Earth. This is why I am a realist painter. Because the splendor, that our generation can still enjoy, is rapidly going away.”


Portraits, Landscapes & Wildlife PAintings

Portraits & Genre

Making memories, be it a close-up of a beloved person or scenes from everyday life.

land- & Seascapes

Showcasing the beauty of nature from the mountaintops of the Swiss Alps to the Florida Keys.


An evergrowing representation of animals from around the world.

Explore My Art

Curiosity lies in the nature of every artist. From my first drawings of motorcycles in Middle School to being named “Ducks Unlimited Sponsor Artist of the Year” seven times and designing several State Conservation Stamps for the Department of Natural Resources – I always strive to instill a sense of wonder and amazement for the beauty of the world around us in the observer.

Fresh off the easel

The following framed  originals are currently available.

For a full line-up of my artwork, please visit the Gallery section.

Scenes from an upcoming book

Thirty years after publishing “Georgia – A State of Beauty”, the opportunity is arising to produce another book.

Working alongside author Ben Fuller, the book will feature a selection of my paintings, tied into a captivating narrative about the “Old South”.

The Mike Brown Collection

Art has no limits! Aside from a wide collection of originals, giclée prints and canvas art in various sizes, you can now obtain your favorite piece as curated  merchandise such as apparel, throw pillows, phone cases, bedding, etc.