About the artist

Mike Brown

Considered one of the nation’s top wildlife painters, artist Mike Brown has collaborated with numerous charities, non-profit organizations and conservation programs.

Mike Brown was named “Ducks Unlimited Sponsor Artist of the Year” seven times and has designed several State Conservation Stamps for the Department of Natural Resources – all with the goal to instill a sense of wonder and amazement for the beauty of the world around us in the observer.

Whether it is in his tranquil landscapes, his impeccably detailed wildlife paintings, or his portrait work, Mike Brown has developed a stunning level of realism in a variety of mediums.

While his favorite is oil, he also achieves master-level artworks in watercolor, acrylic and gouache on both, canvas and illustration board.

Since the early 1980s, when one of his paintings was placed into the Georgia Governor’s mansion, Mike Brown’s artwork has been featured on stamps, in magazines, on TV and radio specials, and in the book “Georgia – A State of Beauty”.

Mike Brown resides in Venice, Florida, where he conducts workshops, publishes, lectures, and accepts commissions.


“Ducks Unlimited” & Conservation Stamps include:

  • 2015 Iowa Duck Stamp Winner
  • 2014 Ducks Unlimited Ohio Sponsor Artist
  • 2013 Hawaii Game Bird Stamp Winner
  • 2013 Ducks Unlimited Alaska Sponsor Artist
  • 2013 Iowa Duck Stamp Winner
  • 2013 Ducks Unlimited Iowa Sponsor Artist
  • 2013 Ducks Unlimited Texas Sponsor Artist
  • 2012 Ducks Unlimited Ohio Sponsor Artist
  • 2011 Ducks Unlimited Maryland Sponsor Artist
  • 2011 Massachusetts Primitive Arms Stamp Winner
  • 2011 Ducks Unlimited Ohio Sponsor Artist
  • 2011 Ducks Unlimited Iowa People's Choice Award